Dictator Technik GmbH

Dictator Technik GmbH

Gutenbergstraße 9
86356 Neusäß

Phone: +49 821 24673-18
Fax: +49 821 24673-90

Internet: www.dictator.de

Lift, platform lift, homelift, lift doorcloser, lift without headroom and pit, lift shaft, door closer, gate closer, outdoor gates, closing spring, back check, door check, door damper, floor spring, door stop, door fastener, sliding door closer, damper, shock absorber, radial damper, industrial damper, buffer, hold-open systems, smoke detector, electromagnet, door drive units, door operators, industrial door drives, fire protection, fire protection door drive, gas spring, push-type gas spring, pull-type gas spring, locking gas spring, adjustable gas spring, interlock system, clean room, emergency exit, access control, bar magnet

Products by Dictator Technik GmbH

Ex-proof hold open installations

Solutions for Ex-proof hold open installations

ÖDR - oil dampers

DICTATOR Oil Dampers ÖDR Safely Close Gates with...

DICTATOR ZE Door Holders

DICTATOR ZE Door Holders Standard and Design Line

Interlock Control System

Control System with multiple special functions...

damping engineering

Hydraulic linear and radial dampers / Final...

DICTATOR Swing door hinges

Safe closing of swing doors

Opening damper

Preventing of uncontrolled slamming of open of...

Door operators and gate operators

Industrial door drive units for fire rated doors

Door closer DICTAMAT 50

Door closer for sliding doors

DICTATOR gas springs

DICTATOR gas springs

Special door closers for hinged doors

Special door closers for hinged doors without...