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Door operators and gate operators

Industrial door drive units for fire rated doors

DICTATOR offers a very large range of different door and gate operators: from an operator for normal hinged doors over door drives for industrial and also fire-rated doors up to the vast field of special, customized solutions as e.g. in the mountain station of a cable car in Zermatt, a 93 m door in a shopping center in Spain or the moving of entire facade elements.

DICTATOR door operators meet the requirements of the EN 13241-1 and EN 12453-1 door standards for power operated doors and gates. The door operators however are not only used on „normal“ doors but also frequently in complex machine installations.

Special tested and approved door operators are manufactured for fire rated doors. This may be either semi-automatic door drives that make sure that in case of alarm the door is closed controlled and reliable with stored mechanical energy. Or one of the many fully-automatic fire door operators is used that permit the same operating comfort as normal industrial door operators.

DICTATOR is also specialized in designing customized solutions for more demanding requirements. There are a vast range of examples, one of them being a large horizontal telescopic sliding door on a machine enclosure, the movable lining of a multi-media wall or a special gate in a rhino’s enclosure in a zoo. Even most exceptional movement requirements can be realized with DICTATOR operators: 5 m high glass panels have first to be moved inside the building before open sidewards (pop-and-slide mechanism).

DICTATOR has experienced technicians that are happy to develop - in cooperation with the DICTATOR production – solutions for even the most demanding requirements.

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