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Ex-proof hold open installations

Solutions for Ex-proof hold open installations

Large areas in chemical and pharmaceutic industry as well as in quite a lot of other sectors are classified as hazardous. The European directive 94/9/EG (ATEX) establishes especially for those areas a very high safety standard.

DICTATOR offers solutions that take into account the individual requirements of each installation: from the normal ex-proof hold-open system for fire rated doors up to the complete installation including explosion proof door operators – both for normal and fire rated doors- with the possibility of a connection to a building control system.

The simplest form an explosion proof hold open system is the combination of ex-proof smoke detectors, explosion proof magnets and a control unit with power pack and a relay for the magnets.

If an automation of doors is required, normally explosion proof electric door operators are used. In case of hinged doors there exists however also the possibility to use pneumatic door operators. The door is opened with compressed air and closed by a normal overhead door closer.

Normally the control system should be installed outside the hazardous area. Should this not be possible the control systems can be furnished also in an ex-proof casing.

The specialists of the DICTATOR technical department will provide a customized solution for each application. If necessary the installation can also be offered by DICTATOR.

Catalog - Explosion-Proof Hold-Open Systems (222 KB)

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