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Interlock Control System

Control System with multiple special functions (airlocks for people, materials, hygienic interlocks, clean room interlocks)

Programming without software, modular structure facilitates mounting of simple systems completely without experts but also the installation of complex systems
Nowadays interlocks become more and more important. Interlocks are an indispensable requirement for a faultless production not only for clean rooms. They also help as temperature airlocks e.g. in cold storage houses to prevent unnecessary loss of energy, ensure as hygienic interlocks the required quality in the food industry or prevent in hospitals the spreading of dangerous germs.

The DICTATOR interlock control system is characterized by several significant features:

  • Absolutely easy adjusting of the relations between the doors without software skills. By simple DIP switches also complex door functions can easily be “programmed” on site, and always be adapted to modified situations
  • Pre-assembled, pluggable cables facilitate a very easy connection of the different components. Most cables are flat cables with RJ45 connectors. To allow using as many different locking devices as possible in the interlock control system the cable intended for this purpose has on one end 4 free leads which just have to be connected.
  • Even the power pack is ready for plug-in and has not to be opened for mounting.

The DICTATOR interlock control system is available in three different basic versions:

  • As peripheral system where the control logic is located directly in the terminals on each single doors. This version offers the most possibilities to realize also complex requirements.
  • As central system for small and compact interlock systems with 5 to max. 8 doors. Here all the control boards are located in a central casing.
  • As ex‐proof system. The most extraordinary feature of this version are its terminals which are hard to distinguish from the „normal“ ones: well designed, appropriate for clean rooms, unobtrusive!

The DICTATOR interlock control system can, thanks to its modular structure, easily deal with also highly complex requirements. For example time control units, pressure controllers, discretion circuits (temporarily personally controlled blocking of certain doors), control of door operators or ventilation and heating systems can become true as well as linking emergency exit doors with the certified emergency exit terminal, deblocking doors by access control systems or the connection to a complex facility management system. And with a suitable grouping of the doors much more than the original 8 doors of the basic peripheral version can be linked!

In times where the requirements regarding hygiene and clean rooms increase permanently and also find their way into daily life, the DICTATOR interlock control system represents the ideal solution – also for retrofitting. The installation of a system with basic functions requires no specialist firm. Because DICTATOR gives advice and plans every interlock control system – of course already for the offer – individually for every project and the planning also includes the integration of already installed components.

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