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Opening damper

Preventing of uncontrolled slamming of open of doors

The back check prevents the uncontrolled slamming open of hinged doors. The danger of this happening exists very often with doors that open to the outside. This is the case e.g. with doors in restaurants, shops, public buildings or in factories. A gust of wind can take hold of these doors and slam them open, which might result in damage to the door or the door hardware and - even worse – might injure people. The same problems exist in buildings with draught problems or doors that are so unfavorably placed that they might bang against the wall or other objects when opened with too much verve.

The door can be effortlessly moved by hand without any resistance from the back check, except in the final position when the cushioning effect is working or at a too high opening speed of the door (e.g. by a sudden gust of wind). The back checks are produced either with a preset or an adjustable damping. In addition they can be furnished also in customized designs e.g. for very large doors or special requirements such as heavy doors in armoured vehicles.

The DICTATOR technical advisory service gives support in all questions concerning the required type, the determination of the mounting positions, the available brackets for installation and so on.

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