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Door closer DICTAMAT 50

Door closer for sliding doors

DICTATOR door closer DICTAMAT 50 for sliding doors, closing device with controlled closing speed and without current consumption
The DICTAMAT 50 makes sure that sliding doors are always and reliably closed. Doors being equipped with the DICTAMAT 50 are easily opened by hand and then close automatically and silently. The closing speed can be adjusted slower or faster, depending on the requirements. The closing device with integrated hydraulic damper prevents the door from slamming shut and hitting the frame in an uncontrolled way. This means the optimum protection of man and material. And, the DICTAMAT 50 also helps in saving energy as the door is reliably closed.

The main advantages of the sliding door closer DICTAMAT 50 are:

  • Its mechanical functionality is ideal for retrofitting. As there is no need for an electrical connection the mounting expenses stay manageable and there will be no additional costs during day-to-day operations.
  • The correct functioning is also guaranteed during a power failure.
  • The closing speed can be adjusted so precisely that it allows an optimal adaption to every application.
  • The adjustable closing force allows to individually adapt the DICTAMAT 50 to different door sizes and weights.
  • All components can be manufactured of rustless material (also of AISI 316 as on a cruise ship).
  • Due to its modular system the DICTAMAT 50 can be fitted nearly everywhere, even with restricted space (e.g. under the cover of the rail system).
  • DICTATOR assists already during the phase of designing. The exchange of two- or three-dimensional drawings allows to previously find out the optimum mounting position and, if necessary, to decide on special fixing accessories.
  • Usually, depending on the type of sliding door, the dimensions of the DICTAMAT 50 allow a hidden mounting in the wall.
  • The mechanical construction prevents annoying driving noises.

The ideal complementary product to the DICTAMAT 50 is the Mechanical Timer. It keeps the sliding door open as long as necessary for e.g. pushing a bed through the open door before the door closes automatically. The time is adjustable. The Mechanical timer does not require any electricity just as the DICTAMAT 50, that means it not only saves money when installing it (no electrical connection required) but also when working (no consumption of electricity and no annual checks in public buildings).

In many areas the DICTAMAT 50 unobtrusively provides precious service, e.g. in hospitals, old people’s homes, other public institutions and industrial buildings. Here more and more often sliding doors are used as they offer in a space saving way large clear widths, without – as with hinged doors - blocking the corridors, having to manoeuvre or the possibility to hit somebody with the opening door.
Solutions with a motor not only are much more expensive when buying and mounting, but they also cause daily costs. They always consume energy and maybe even a battery back-up is needed. Besides that any electrical installation has to be checked and maintained at least once a year – not to be underestimated additional costs.

A further application of the DICTAMAT 50 which becomes more and more important are sliding doors to server rooms. Due to their heat development servers have to be cooled. For big installations there exist complex heat dissipation and cooling systems, but they require always closed access doors. Here the DICTAMAT 50 presents the ideal solution.

Apart from the DICTAMAT 50 DICTATOR offers further convenient solutions for sliding doors, from the release buffer to door checks and even complete solutions with rail.

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