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damping engineering

Hydraulic linear and radial dampers / Final dampers to slow down e.g. sliding doors when reaching the positions OPEN and/or CLOSED / oil dampers

DICTATOR damping engineering offers solutions from the linear final damper over the oil damper e.g. for flaps up to the radial damper e.g. for sliding doors, the two last ones controlling the speed over the whole travel.

The range of possible applications is even larger than the program of dampers. In construction e.g. doors and gates, not only sliding doors but also hinged doors whose speed has to be controlled during the whole movement. DICTATOR dampers also slow down flaps or lids or even complete facade elements. And they are to be found anywhere in machines, tools, handling devices and much more.

Product range

1) EDH and ZDH final dampers
Final dampers are used to slow down a movement before reaching the final position, e.g. with sliding doors in the positions OPEN and CLOSED. The relatively long stroke dimensions assure a sufficient safety zone. Final dampers are adjustable, to fit exactly the requirements of each door.

2) Oil Dampers with Fixings on both ends
Oil dampers with fixings on both ends are connected firmly to the object that has to be damped (e.g. a flap). This way they control the movement from the very first moment. They are fabricated in two different lines: adjustable and preset.

3) High-Performance Dampers
These dampers slow down high loads on a very short distance. They are mainly used in machine construction.

4) Radial dampers / rotary dampers
Radial dampers use the rotation principle for damping. This way they can provide constant damping even for high loads over large travel distances (e.g. sliding doors).

The lamellar damper, a patented newly developed radial damper, now allows DICTATOR to present an even larger range of products and to meet even more applications. Besides the standard program already covering with its four different sizes quite a large damping range, the new development facilitates to elaborate and produce an individual solution also for special applications and demands. By default the radial dampers LD are provided with a plastics casing. But if necessary this casing may also be produced from other material, e.g. aluminum, stainless steel. The base area of this radial damper always stays the same, only the height changes with the different models.

DICTATOR however not just offers dampers but an extensive advisory service that offers also a free of charge calculation of the required damper even if a individual solution is required. And DICTATOR produces the dampers, even single units in customized designs.

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