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DICTATOR ZE Door Holders

DICTATOR ZE Door Holders Standard and Design Line

The DICTATOR ZE door holders keep doors open in any position desired. All ZE door holders feature a very strong and sturdy construction.

The casing is all of a piece and therefore very resistant also against vandalism. All metallic parts of the door holder are made of either aluminium or stainless steel, including the internal parts. The ZE door holders are available in two different series: the Standard and the new, innovative Design Line. The piston rod of the Design Line is visible only when the door is fixed. The new construction makes it possible that the door holder even with a stroke of 160 mm is not longer than the one of the Standard series with only a stroke of 90 mm. The Design Line can even compensate very large clearances between the lower edge of the door and the floor.

Due to the integrated spring in the foot of the door holder, the door remains securely in the adjusted position, even in case of uneven or polished floors. Both types of door holders are comfortably operated by just using a foot.

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