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DICTATOR Swing door hinges

Safe closing of swing doors

DICTATOR swing door hinges assure a safe and controlled closing of swing doors. They return the swing door swift and reliable to the controlled position, which also reduces the often irritating noise level considerably.

DICTATOR swing door hinges HAWGOOD are used in a large variety of applications:
Small swing doors in counters, large, heavy duty swing doors, swing doors in trucks or machines. Different finishes and materials make allowance for optical requirements, complete non-rusting designs and economic models, always with the same quality standard and life time.

DICTATOR swing door hinges HAWGOOD can block the open door at 90° for more comfort. Due to the special design of the shoe the HAWGOOD hinges widen the doorway for easier walker and wheelchair access, swinging the door completely clear of the opening. And the gap between door and frame is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore the swing door hinge makes sure that the door stays in the closed position if not opened by hand.

HAWGOOD swing door hinges 4000/4500:
For doors 19 – 30 mm thick and a door weight up to 26 kg Swing door hinges

For doors 40 mm thick (on demand also for 35 mm) and a door weight up to 50 kg Swing door hinges

For doors 40 mm thick and a door weight up to more than 100 kg

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