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DICTATOR gas springs

DICTATOR gas springs

DICTATOR gas springs stand out not only because of the high product quality but also because of the complete service around the gas spring itself. Dictator offers a comprehensive advisory service which includes assistance in the phase of design, help with required function of the gas spring, a free of charge calculation of the gas spring, determination of the fixing points and recommendation of fixing brackets. Only a gas spring designed exactly for its application will to achieve a maximum performance, not only regarding the function but also looking at a faultless operation and a long life. When designed properly, gas springs protect in addition material or machines and reduce the risk of injuries for the persons e.g. by uncontrolled moving flaps etc.

Part of the high-quality DICTATOR service are also short lead times. Even though the gas springs are produced according to each customer’s requirements the production time are normally a maximum 10 working days. For very urgent orders there are two different types of fast production services: delivery either within 3 working days or even production and shipment on the day of the order. Furthermore DICTATOR stocks certain dimensions, whose force however will be set individually in production before shipping them.

If the required force cannot be determined exactly, the gas springs can be furnished with a valve. The valve permits to reduce the gas pressure on site until reaching the required force.

DICTATOR gas struts are known for their very long life. Special designs allow for their use also in extreme conditions (dirt, temperature and so on). They are available in a very large range of different sizes, with forces from 5 N up to 10.000 N. Gas springs are produced as push or pull-type, blocking /locking , telescope and double-stroke gas springs and gas struts with adjustable extension speed. The materials are normal steel and stainless steel in different qualities. For use in medical equipment the gas springs can be made even out of completely anti-magnetic material.

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