09/30/2004 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

TVR1 Door lock / Locking unit for the TVS door locking system and the DICTATOR interlock control system

The TVR1 door lock is one of the possible locking units to be used in the TVS door locking system for emergency exits. Its main feature is its very low power consumption. The singular combination of an electromagnetic lock and a sturdy locking bolt offers highest possible security. Due to the concealed installation the TVR1 door lock is to a large extend safe from damage and manipulation. The TVR1 door lock has a double security against breaking in and manipulation. It controls amongst other things that the door is really locked with the bolt.

When pressing the Emergency-Open switch the current supply to magnet in the TVR door lock is cut off. The bolt springs back even under a load of up to 3000N pressing against the door. It resists a pressure of 6000N, when somebody tries to break the door from the outside. A maximum of 2 units can be used in one door. The TVR1 door lock has been tested together with the TT1 control terminal and is approved for emergency exits (certificate no. P-2136/04, TÜV Thüringen).

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