11/28/2005 • Laboratory appliances

Flexible Real-time Laboratory Calorimeter

Radleys have introduced a revolutionary new Calorimetry module for their Lara Controlled Laboratory Reactor (CLR) system that sets new standards in accuracy, repeatability, operational flexibility and ease-of-use. Coflux or Constant Flux Control is a new form of Calorimetry offering high levels of performance and flexibility at a low price. The system provides real-time information on power and enthalpy readings without relying on any time-consuming baseline calibrations. It generates the information for process monitoring, analysis and optimisation. Using constant flux calorimetry technology the temperature control is provided by a series of coolant pipes that can be opened and closed on demand. The standard Lara system comprises a choice of easily interchangeable jacketed glass reaction vessels (500 ml, 1 L and 5 L), integral stirrer and stand with an intuitive, easy-to-use PC control system to set-up and run experiments.
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