09/22/2005 • Access control and clocking • Building Security

Automatic Systems extends its range of rising obstacles for vehicular access control

In order to ensure an efficient access control for vehicles, Automatic Systems renews and extends its range of rising obstacles. The new obstacles RSB 78, RSB 76 and RB 70S meet the most demanding requests in terms of impact resistance and can stop all types of vehicle, from cars to heavy trucks.

Terrorist attacks, theft and vandalism are realities. Consequence: a crucial need to increase security in military sites, industrial areas, airports, embassies, etc. and protect efficiently the perimeters while permitting access to protected areas for authorised vehicles.

Automatic Systems has been one of the leaders in security and physical access control for vehicles ever since 1969. Striving to offer its customers the best security obstacles, Automatic Systems decided to extend its range of Road Blockers (RSB) and Rising Bollards (RB). Today, our expanded range of 7 equipment perfectly matches the customers requirements, applying increased security to the site to protect.

Increased security

The new rising obstacles present an improved resistance to impact:

RSB 78: this equipment is certified K12 by the US Department of State (Dos). It complies with the norm SD-STD-02.01. This obstacle, the most resistant of the range, underwent a test in real conditions: a 6.8-ton truck was launched at 80 kph at the obstacle (absorbed kinetic energy: 1,695,000 Joules). The RSB 78 not only stopped the truck, but also remained operational after the impact.

Automatic Systems is the only non-American company that has passed this test successfully and that is allowed to sell this K12-certified material to the US army.

RSB 76: this equipment presents a resistance equivalent to K4 level. It can stop a 6.8-ton truck launched at 50 kph (absorbed kinetic energy: 630,000 Joules).

This equipment is ideal as a guardian in case of an intrusion into an embassy, a strategic industrial site, an airport or a sensitive parking area.

RB 70S: the equipment looks like our existing rising bollards RB 60 and RB 80. Its reinforced barbed wire around the grounded part enables the bollard to absorb an impact of 350,000 Joules. For instance, it can stop a 6.8-ton vehicle launched at 35 kph.

The RB 70S is ideal for protecting store windows, sensitive building entries and frontals (jewelleries, banks, historical monuments, etc.) in an urban environment where access is allowed to pedestrians.

Full flexibility

The RSB 76 is proposed in 2 versions: hydraulic or electromechanical. Automatic Systems is the only company to propose an electromechanical model with such a resistance (equivalent to K4). This operating system guarantees an improved protection for the user and the operator and preserves the environment.

All types of access control systems can be integrated into the road blockers: proximity or magnetic card readers, voice transmission monitors, etc. They can operate alone, in line or coupled with one or more rising barriers and managed within a global security solution.

A number of options are available on the different products. For example: vehicle presence detection loops to be placed in the ground, additional signals lights, battery and/or crank to enable a back-up operation in case of power failure, etc.

Easy installation and maintenance

The RSB 78 can be installed in an excavated pit of less than 0.5 m depth. This important technical achievement significantly reduces the costs of civil engineering and installation.

The electromechanical version of the RSB 76, thanks to the absence of a hydraulic group, allows a reduction of installation and maintenance costs.

These new devices reinforce Automatic Systems range of products on which the company has developed its international fame.
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