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G-STORM Thermal Cycler GSI

  • Heated lid (80°C – 120°C)
  • 6,4 inch TFT Full colour VGA, touch-screen display
  • Ramp rate heating / cooling 3°CS-1
  • 48, 96, 96 combi or 384er block formats
  • Flat block (in situ) format for up to four glass slides
  • Gradient feature (on all block formats)
  • PC Control – Run up to 15 units of either model type from a single PC

Colour Touch-Screen Display

A full colour VGA TFT touch screen display (6.4 inch) provides G-Storm with an interface in which programming and control is point & click or drag & drop.
Control of G-Storm is via the Touch Screen using a stylus, ball pen, or even your finger! (An optional keyboard & mouse can be attached via the USB port if you prefer). The ability to adjust the angle of the screen prevents any unwanted glare from lab lights and also enables greater comfort to the user when it comes to programming and control.

G-Storm Software

Users have the choice to enter known programs manually or utilise the fabulous Program Wizard. The program wizard function and inbuilt primer algorithms remove the requirement to manually calculate the ideal protocol for your experiment. Simply enter your primer sequences or melting temperatures (TM's) and let the wizard do the rest! Manual programming utilises drag & drop principles, and the icon driven commands enable quick, clear & intuitive protocol inputs.

Multi-Sensor block technology

Each thermal block within G-Storm has 4 independent temperature control sensors and 8 peltier heating units, ensuring that temperature control and uniformity across the block surface is accurate and reproducible time after time, cycle after cycle.
With features such as Active Sample Cooling (ASC) ensuring that samples are cooled until heated lid reaches its target temperature, therefore reducing non-specific primer binding and extension, the G-Storm is protecting your samples, even before your protocol has begun

Gradients on ALL Blocks

A gradient feature for protocol optimisation is standard on all blocks (48, 96, 96 combi & 384 well) ensuring that you get the very best data from your starting biological material. The gradient range is user programmable from 4°C to 30°C across all 12 columns of the thermal block (gradient can be run within a temperature range of 30°C to 80°C).

Flat block format

For in situ hybridisation and "PCR on a chip" a special designed block is available. This block accepts up to four glass slides and can be exchanged quickly against one of the standard blocks.

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