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The Spiral Heat Exchanger of the HES – Heat Exchanger Systems GmbH

HES is a leading manufacturer of spiral heat exchangers (SHE) worldwide. Shell & tube-, gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers for many applications belong to our product range too.

With more than 30 years of experience, HES is successfully serving the(petro-) chemical, steel, watertreatment, food and pharma industry world-wide. HES's products are custom-made designed by HES and can be used for the treatment of (viscous) fluids, slurries, sludges and gases for condensing and evaporation applications.

Because of the round design, the SHE can be readily integrated into columns and a cross-flow design enables heat transfer under near-vacuum conditions. The single-channel design and the extra turbulence offered by the concentric flow passages establish a self-cleaning effect, thus avoiding the blockages associated with difficult fluids.

The SHE allows for large temperature ranges and low temperature differences. Alternate welding of both channels precludes media mixing and the removable covers enable easy access and excellent cleaning potential.

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