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From lone wolf to team player

One for all: That’s the maxim for the duo consisting of the CPX electrical terminal and the MPA modular valve terminal. The two-man team is transformed into a communications and diagnostics specialist as a result of support provided by new function modules. From troubleshooting to remote diagnosis via website: The new members of the CPX-MPA team implement application-specific communication at all levels. Thanks to outstanding modularity, the CPX-MPA leaves nothing to be desired where communication and connection technology are concerned. This results in improved machine availability and reduced downtime.

Creating networks is the motto for the CPX-FB32 Ethernet/IP node, because a company can speak a single language from the operating level and the control level, right on up to the field level. Whether factory automation or the process industry with further diagnostic requirements: The Ethernet/IP node integrates the CPX-MPA into the Rockwell Automation environment. IT solutions such as web servers and e-mail alarms are made possible by industrial Ethernet. Process data, status and diagnostic information, as well as remote diagnosis and maintenance, are visualised by means of ready-made web pages. And that’s not only a plus for preventive maintenance, it reduces engineering costs as well. As an integrated diagnostic concept and valve diagnosis option, the CPX-FB32 ensures greater machine availability.

Making quick connections

With a wide variety of connection blocks, greater flexibility is available through a total of 8 different connection technologies with IP 20, IP 65 and IP 67 protection. Two connection blocks that have been newly added to the product range, namely M8 4-pin and M12 5-pin, can be combined in an almost unrestricted manner with the electronic modules for inputs and outputs.

For reduced installation time and costs: Sensors and individual valves, such as MPA or ISO, can be directly connected via the M8 4-pin interface. The M12 5-pin connection block is advantageous for connecting sensors and actuators – in any type of environment thanks to sturdy metal threads. Speedcon quick connection technology facilitates simplified assembly with fewer additional components – including cable shield.

Detecting sources of error

The team is expanded with a wide variety of diagnosis experts depending upon the application and in accordance with current requirements. With 100% more outputs for 8 times the performance with a high degree of accuracy, the CPX-8DA/CPX-8DE-D I/O modules with channel-oriented diagnostics identify sources of error quickly and simply, and display them either by means of channel LEDs, the handheld CPX-MMI, or via the fieldbus or Ethernet. As a service-friendly device, the CPX-8DE-D digital input module is a diagnostic powerhouse – for example for the production of high value goods or large quantities. If a large number of external actuators are used in the application, the CPX-8DA output module proves itself especially economical.

The electronic modules for temperature and signal detection are also exploited in process automation and manufacturing processes. Thanks to the CPX-4EA-T module (resistance thermometer), temperature sensors can be directly connected for reduced system costs and inventory levels – for temperatures from -200 to 850° C. Processes with large numbers of analogue channels are handled by the CPX-4AE-I. As an electronic module for signal detection, it keeps all sensor signals from current outputs under control – within a signal range of 4 to 20 mA.

On the safe side

With additional diagnostic functions, the MPA valve terminal offers more safety and reliability. Prime example: VMPA..-FB-EMD-… electronic modules which are targeted at preventive maintenance for valves, drives and interconnected mechanical devices – implemented by means of condition monitoring and by counting switching cycles or operating hours. Short-circuiting and open loads are simultaneously diagnosed in the electrical circuit – including monitoring of solenoid coil control current.

System limits are overcome with the electrical supply plate for MPA. 64 valve positions with up to 128 solenoid coils for MPA1, and 32 valve positions with 64 solenoid coils for MPA2 are realised in this way. The supply plate facilitates targeted generation of voltage zones for greater safety. Valve functions can thus be disconnected from all sources of voltage – important for emergency stop functions.
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