08/15/2005 • Building Security • Fire prevention

Alarmline LWM-1 – line type heat detector with combined maximum and differential alarm according to heat detector classes A1, A2, B, C and P

The new Alarmline control unit LWM-1 demonstrates the consistent further development of the well established Alarmline LHD4-system. The microprocessor- controlled unit is compatible with all Alarmline sensor cable types and enables, thanks to combined maximum- and differential response behavior, an optimal adaptation to almost every application. The equipment is approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH with number G 205066 and was tested according to EN54-5:2000. Alarmline LWM-1 is in accordance to heat detector classes A1, A2, B, C and P (P=programmable).


► Applications up to 7,5 m ceiling height
► Low probability of nuisance alarms even in rough environments
► low space requirement for sensor cable
► Easy installation of sensor cable
► High chemical and/or mechanical resistance by the use of special coated sensor cables
► Control unit may be installed up to 500 m remotely from sensor cable
► Easy maintenance of the system
► Suitable for applications in Ex-zones

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