02/28/2005 • Analytics • Focus on Products at Analytica

Analytical and Preparative HPLC Separations

Waters Corporation has announced a major addition to the company's SunFire brand of silica-based HPLC chemistries, the SunFire C8 Analytical Columns. The introduction of the new reversed-phase C8 bonded-silica columns sets a new performance standard in silica-based HPLC technology. The columns provide outstanding peak shape for improved sensitivity, resolution and quantitation, low pH stability for improved column lifetime, ultra-low MS bleed and enhanced selectivity which reduces laboratory costs while making method development simpler, faster and more compatible with MS detection. The combination of superior mass loading and the unique patent-pending Optimum Bed Density (OBD") preparative design ensures equivalent chromatographic performance from analytical to preparative dimensions, eliminating the need for any subsequent time-consuming method redevelopment.
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