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speedwave MWS-3+ for High Sample Throughput

The unique speedwave MWS-3+ top-loader microwave is now also available with a 24-holder rotor. The rotor includes 24 DAP-40+ vessels, each holding 40ml and capable of operating at a maximum working pressure of 40bar or a temperature of 260°C. This allows up to 300mg of organic or 1g of inorganic sample material to be digested in a single run. Each vessel consists of only 3 parts, making manual handling easy and safe. Temperature and pressure control is by means of the unique, BERGHOF-patented, contact-free, mid-IR temperature control and OPC optical pressure control. This eliminates the need for sensors or similar components to be connected to the digestion vessels and makes handling as simple as possible. Aside from the simultaneous digestion of up to 24 samples, high sample throughput as is frequently required for routine applications in areas of food and environmental analyses is also ensured by this simple and fast vessel handling.

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