08/15/2005 • Building Security • Fire prevention

KD-200 - active extinguishing technique with the clean agent FM-200 / fire protection system / Fire extinguishing system

The fire protection system KD-200 with the extinguishing medium FM-200 is the result of intensive research. The system combines a high extinguishing effectiveness with the absence of residues, safety to people and a small storage volume. Fire extinguishing systems incorporating FM-200 are approved world wide and are now available in Germany as 25 bar or 42 bar KD-200 systems.


When fire is identified by automatic detectors (1) or on the release by a manual push button (2), the fire detection panel (3) activates the alarm devices (4 / 5). .After the elapse of a pre-warning time the cylinder of the extinguishing medium (6) is opened and the extinguishing medium FM-200 is discharged through extinguishing nozzles (7) into the room.

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