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Genius Quattro: more frequencies, greater utility

S+S Metallsuchgeräte und Recyclingtechnik GmbH of Schönberg, Bavaria has recently enhanced its product range with the introduction of the GENIUS QUATTRO control technology. GENIUS QUATTRO technology offers considerably improved utility, using 4 field frequencies (instead of the usual one or two) to deal effectively with a wider range of product characteristics.

Additionally the system offers an impressively low false alarm rate with a much reduced metal-free zone, it requires a smaller installation envelope.

Helmuth Frisch, Managing Director of S+S states that, “The distinguishing features of metal detection systems with GENIUS QUATTRO technology are higher sensitivity and greater flexibility. The system operates with the optimum number of frequencies; there is no benefit from using a higher number of additional frequencies since no further improvement in sensitivity can be achieved. In combination with a wide range of separation units used for conveying - belts, vacuum and pressure conveyors, free-fall applications - the GENIUS QUATTRO creates a metal detection system offering optimum quality assurance.”

This excellent level of performance is achieved by harnessing the power of digital signal processing on a multifrequency basis and combining it with the high quality detection coils manufactured by S+S:

The Self-Learn system delivers “product compensation”, preventing false alarms of the metal separator caused by the product itself (eg through salt, moisture content etc). Additionally, “product tracking” allows automatic adjustment of “product compensation” to accommodate minor changes in product characteristics eg variations in recipe, moisture levels and the effects of temperature (thawing). Both features secure optimal detection sensitivity whilst minimizing false alarms to maintain continuous production. The reject/separation system is fully controllable to meet the customer’s precise specifications.

Multiple product parameter memories ensure that once the optimal machine parameters have been established they can be recalled in seconds. “Quick Learn” will accommodate product changes without any interruption to the production process. A Set-Up Memory ensures that all machine data is stored even in the event of changes in electronics or power failure. The comprehensive suite of data records allows a realtime view of the process and facilitates post-production analysis of system performance and inspection records to support Quality Certification. A fully-integrated report generator will prepare statistical information for printing or further processing by PC.

Helmuth Frisch, “S+S machines are renowned worldwide for their reliability, sensitivity and efficiency in the Food, Chemical and Plastics industries. They are at the cutting edge of technology and incorporate the most modern metal detection and digital processing techniques.”
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