08/02/2005 • Automation • IT and automation • Process automation / MSR technology

New Ex e / I.S. isolating repeater

The new IS pac 9164 mA-isolating repeater of R. STAHL Schaltgeräte GmbH serves to connect 4-wire measuring transducers with or without HART signal to an intrinsically safe 2-wire input of a 4-20 mA module, such as the inputs of the Remote I/O System IS.1.
Two variants of the device are available, allowing galvanic isolation between I.S. input / I.S. output or Ex e input / I.S. output. The device requires no power supply since the power required for operation is tapped with the mA signal. It can be installed in Zone 1 and Division 1. The single-channel mA-isolating repeater of R. STAHL Schaltgeräte GmbH features a very compact design.
More than one earthed measuring transducer with earthed input circuits cannot be interconnected in the hazardous area since the signals may mutually influence each other in the event of a fault. Electrical isolation with the mA-isolating repeater solves this problem and, at the same time, enhances the quality of the measured signals. The variant of the isolating repeater with Ex e input allows connection of Ex e measuring transducers to I.S. input circuits and thus allows integration of such measuring transducers in an overall I.S. concept.
The mA-isolating repeater 9164 of R. STAHL Schaltgeräte GmbH with markings e II 2 G (1) GD EEx ia IIC T4 and e II 2 G (1) GD EEx e mb [ia] IIC T4 is approved for installation in Zones 1, 21 and for connection of intrinsically safe circuits of Zones 0 and 1, in addition to dust Ex applications of Zones 20 and 21.
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