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8-slot PC-based Programmable Controller and SoftLogic Controller

The ADAM-5510E is ideal for PC-based data acquisition and control applications. It is a compact, standalone controller with an Intel® x86- based CPU running Datalight ROM-DOS. Built-in battery backup SRAM is the best choice for complex logic or data storage applications. For professional C/C++ programmers, the ADAM-5510E application programs may be written and compiled in Borland C++ 3.0, and downloaded to the ADAM-5510E. With the power of the ADAM-5510E, users can easily accomplish specialized functions, which are difficult with traditional controllers. Each ADAM-5510E system can handle up to 4 or 8 I/0 slots (up to 64 or 128 I/O points).

ADAM-5510EKW is a PC-based SoftLogic Controller. It features 5 standard IEC61131-3 programming languages so PLC users can develop control strategies in their familiar programming languages. The strong MULTIPROG software and stable ProConOS make ADAM-5510EKW the best choice for PC-based SoftLogic controllers in the market. Different from the original ADAM-5510 hardware, the ADAM-5510EKW includes more memory capacity to raise system efficiency and users’ programming flexibility. The main unit of ADAM-5510EKW includes a 1.5 MB flash memory and 640 KB SRAM which includes battery backup RAM up to 32 KB. In addition, 4 COM ports enrich the communication capacity of ADAM-5510EKW to integrate with remote I/O or other 3rd party devices based on the Modbus/RTU protocol. For advanced system integration, the ADAM-5510EKW is built with a Modbus/RTU Server. Therefore, it also supports Modbus/RTU protocol to communicate with any Modbus® device as well as HMI Software/User’s APs built with Modbus driver or Modbus/RTU OPC Server, both of which are included in the SCADA systems.

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