06/09/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Video security and monitoring

Ultra-small cylindrical Color Camera with High resolution ¼“-sensor and parameter setting

The miniature camera WAT 260S offers a resolution of 450 TV-lines, the dimensions are Ø 18 x L 65 mm. This DSP-camera has a sensitivity of 1.6 lx (F2.0) and can be supplied with 7 different miniature lenses from f=1.9 to 12.0 mm. The tiny and light weight body offers best advantages at undercover surveillance, for tube and sewer-pipe inspection systems as well as for production control and automation.

As special feature the camera parameters like gain, shutter speed, color temperatures, etc. can be set individually for every camera head by using the AVM Setting Controller (see data sheet of AVM Controller).

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