06/01/2018 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Location Services for Item Management

Monitoring Solution for Locations and Objects

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HID Location Services for Item Management precisely monitors the location and movement of assets and equipment across multiple locations or in a specific area, and the new HID Condition Monitoring Services provides real-time analysis of equipment performance and health. In addition, the solutions help determine the health and predict failure of motors, generators and other motorized machinery, while also leveraging its powerful policy engine to quickly identify potential issues and provide alerts so organizations can take action to reduce downtime. The new services are based on a standard Bluvision platform that enables seamless delivery without high costs. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used for precise real-time location services. The new condition monitoring services enable operations teams to move from a reactive or prescriptive stance to a more knowledge-based, predictive model that makes it possible to receive advanced warning of issues with equipment and proactively plan for scheduled maintenance based on algorithms and data analytics instead of reacting to an error at a potentially inconvenient time.


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