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ABB's low harmonic drives help to maintain power supply quality

Effective harmonic mitigation combined with unrivalled motor control functionality is now available in the latest low voltage AC drives from ABB. These new low harmonic drives are compact in size and do not require any multi-pulse transformer, filters or other additional equipment for harmonics reduction.

Harmonic distortion is an increasing cause for concern among drive users and power utilities. It can disturb power supplies and sensitive equipment, and cause power losses in distribution lines. Power companies have responded by imposing rigorous power quality standards, leading to a growing demand among end-users for easy-to-apply solutions to mitigate harmonics.

ABB's low harmonic drives represent a complete, ready-to-install solution that is ideal for many applications where harmonic problems occur. By eliminating the need for a multi-pulse transformer or external filters, these stand-alone drives reduce cabling needs and save space.

The new drives feature line converter Direct Torque Control (DTC) to eliminate low order harmonics and an LCL line filter to combat high order harmonics, resulting in an exceptionally low harmonic content in the network. With total current distortion reduced to less than 5.0%, the drives meet the requirements of stringent harmonic standards such as IEEE519 and G5/4. A significant additional benefit is that these drives always operate with unity power factor.

Covering a power range of 55 - 2'500 kW and voltages of 380 - 415, 380 - 500 and 575 - 690 V, the low harmonic drives are built in robust cabinets designed for heavy industrial applications. Protection classes up to IP54 can be supplied. A wide selection of features and accessories can be accommodated within the drive. Standard features include the programmable I/O and alphanumeric, multilingual control panel, as well as ABB's Start-up Assistant, which provides menu-driven help with parameter setting. Optional accessories include EMC filters and extension modules for additional I/O and fieldbus adapters.

The new drives belong to ABB's industrial drives range, which offers a wide variety of standardized configurations to suit different application requirements. The drives are designed to make specification, installation and commissioning as straightforward as possible. ABB's low harmonic drives can be used in a wide range of motor control applications where "clean power" is essential. They are ideal for controlling pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors in sectors such as water and wastewater, HVAC, building automation, mining, gas, oil and chemicals, and marine.
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