05/24/2020 • IT Security / Cyber Security • Machine safety, industrial safety

Schneider Electric: XPSU

Schneider Electric: Safety Modules With Comprehensive Diagnostics

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Why was the machine or plant stopped for safety reasons? Up to now, safety modules have only reported the status that a shutdown has occurred. The user could only find out the reason on site. Thanks to Industry 4.0, users want more information without additional investment, even in cost-sensitive applications.

For this reason, the XPSU safety modules have a diagnostic output that transmits an open telegram with over 40 diagnostic states via a simple wire connection to the standard input of a control system. This means that existing applications can also benefit from a transparent image of safety without having to change technology. Desired shutdown, wiring error or waiting for start? Now the answer knows the PLC and can inform the operator in order to eliminate causes in a targeted manner.

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