Copy Whole Genomes with Repli-g Technology

Genetic analyses often require large amounts of genomic DNA. Since the availability of DNA from individual genomes can be limited, accurate replication of large amounts of high-quality genomic DNA is required. Qiagen's Repli-g Kit and Service use multiple displacement amplification (MDA) to overcome the limitations of small amounts of template DNA.

Repli-g amplified DNA is characterized by uniform locus representation, low error rates, and large fragment sizes. Reproducible, high yields of DNA can be obtained from various clinical and non-clinical research samples, including genomic DNA, fresh or dried blood, buffy coat, and tissue culture cells.

Typical DNA yields from a Repli-g Kit reaction are approximately 40 µg per 50 µl reaction. In addition, a uniform yield of amplified DNA is usually achieved regardless of the quantity of template DNA, enabling immediate downstream genetic analysis, including SNP genotyping, STR analysis, Southern blotting and RFLP analysis, subcloning, and DNA sequencing.

In contrast to PCR-based whole genome amplification, Repli-g technology provides highly uniform amplification across the entire genome with minimal amplification bias.

Qiagen's Repli-g Service provides amplification of unlimited amounts of DNA from limited samples. A stringent quality control assay provides information on the quality of the amplified DNA, enabling reliable predictions for the success of your downstream assay to be made.
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