04/06/2005 • Machine safety, industrial safety

A transmitter for economic monitoring of combustible gases and vapours

Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA (Lübeck) presents the Dräger PEX 3000, a new economic and reliable transmitter (4-20 mA) for continuous monitoring of combustible gases and vapours in the ambient air. Its flameproof encapsulated 4-20-mA converter module features a self-lighting digital display and operating keys, and is accessible after opening the transmitter (even in potential explosive atmospheres). The one-man calibration can be performed without additional handheld terminal or digital voltmeter.

The built-in sensor is still the proven catalytic bead DrägerSensor (100 % LEL or 10 % LEL). For particularly low concentrations in the range 0 to 10 % LEL, the manufacturer recommends sensor types XTR 0010 or XTR 0011.

The Dräger PEX 3000 is approved for zone 1 and zone 2 applications, as well as for use in zones 21 and 22. The transmitter comes in two different housing versions, the larger of the two being suitable for cable inlets from the side or bottom. A transmitter to connect a remote sensor is also available.
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