12/15/2004 • Laboratory appliances

Synthos 3000 – Enhanced Microwave Synthesis

Anton Paar introduces a new instrument for microwave-assisted organic synthesis. The new Synthos 3000 is specially designed for the production of chemical compounds in the multigram range leading to drastically reduced reaction times, improved yield and purer products.
  • Homogeneous microwave field by two powerful magnetrons (1400 W)
  • Rapid heating of sample volumes up to 1 liter
  • Direct scalability and excellent reproducibility
  • High performance reaction vessels for up to 300 °C and pressures up to 80 bar
  • Rotor systems for 8 and 16 vessels for parallel syntheses and increased sample throughput
  • Proven safety system
Precise temperature and pressure measurement guarantees optimal and safe reaction progress. Practical accessories simplify special applications such as solid phase synthesis or the use of gaseous reaction partners in the microwave field.

The Synthos 3000 from Anton Paar is a powerful platform for efficient microwave synthesis, not only for industrial laboratories and R&D departments, but also for process development and basic research at universities and in pharmaceutical and biomedical chemistry.

A highly qualified team of application specialists and microwave experts at Anton Paar offer you individual support for method development and the optimal use of instruments.

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