11/01/2004 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Metrology

High-speed Coordinate Measuring

Coordinate measuring machines of the PMM-C series from Leitz Messtechnik combine the accuracy of a laboratory measuring device with high speed and much higher acceleration. Measuring times and inspection costs are greatly reduced.
The PMM-C 700 with measuring ranges from 1200x1000x700 mm to 2400x1200x700 mm achieves a volumetric length measurement error E of up to 0.6+L/600 [µm]. The PMM-C 1000 offers measuring ranges of 1600x 1200x1000 mm to 2400x1600x1000 mm. With a volumetric length measurement error E of up to 1.3+L/500 [µm] and a probing error P of only 1.0 µm (both details to DIN EN ISO 10360-2), this is the most precise measuring machine worldwide within this range.
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