06/09/2005 • Food design, hygiene and monitoring

Partner for Outsourcing Projects

Chem-Trade & Consulting, located north-west of Hamburg, specializes in the marketing and distribution of organic fine chemicals, acting since April 1998 mainly as exclusive agent/representative for foreign manufacturers. In addition to aliphatic, aromatic, and heterocyclic compounds, the company offers a wide range of dyes, UV absorbers, and preservatives. The company recently started to offer food colours, including FDA-certified dyes. The kilo-laboratory, started in the UK in 2002, has just re-located to the Bayer Chemiepark in Leverkusen. It is a modern facility equipped with glass reactors of up to 20 litre capacity. The adjacent pilot plant has 20 vessels, stainless steel and enamel lined, up to 500 litre capacity, for scale-up and custom synthesis projects. Commercial quantities are available via toll facilities.
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