10/19/2004 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

New family of microscopes

With BA family MOTIC introduces a new developed series of upright laboratory microscopes.

Completely equipped with CCIS Infinity Optical System, BA family offers a surprisingly effort at an amazing price. From BA200 for the lecture room over BA 300 to BA 400 for exacting routine works in laboratory – all applications are covered!

An implicitness for all models are the photo-tubes. Phase contrast can be executed with well-priced sliders or with turret type condensors. Fluorescence for BA400 is available optionally.

The elegant realized quality of the polarisation is making this microscope also meaningful for the purpose in the area of plastic industry.

Together with plan achromatic objectives, the field of view of 22mm enables a high test flow rate and makes it more easy to work effectively.

Motic Digital Cameras (up to 5 mega pixel) together with the software to measure etc., which is located in the scope of delivery, are extending the microscopes to a complete working area.
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