06/01/2018 • Fire prevention • Machine safety, industrial safety

SOTERIA Dimension

Optical Smoke Detector

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The Apollo Soteria Dimension is a unique, flush-fitting optical smoke detector designed for aesthetically demanding and high-risk environments. In contrast to traditional optical detectors, the chamberless design of Soteria Dimension uses new patented optical sensing technology to sense smoke outside the chamber, providing quick smoke detection, fewer false alarms and easy maintenance. Built-in proximity sensors also detect any physical obstruction or tampering of the detector, aiding in reduced false alarms.

Approved to EN54-7, the smoke detector is also available as a specialist version which has been independently certified for anti-ligature use in high-risk locations like prisons, custody suites and healthcare establishments. The combination of its metal face plate, tamper proof screws and low profiling make it less noticeable and far more resistant to interference than some traditional detectors.

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