09/30/2004 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Full Functionality for All – MultiScope III

GEUTEBRÜCK’s MultiScope III offers a full range of digital video recorders, every model packed with innovative features and outstanding functionality. Expanded network capabilities at no extra cost, improved search algorithms for faster searching, easy automatic set-up when disks are changed, full system integration of multifunctional operating devices – are all standard in every MultiScope III.

GEUTEBRÜCK’s  MultiScope III video recording system offers outstanding functionality and easy integration into complex systems. Built-in network functions provide many user benefits. Alarms sent instantly and automatically by SMS or email to pre-determined addresses, be it to an alarm centre or to a filling station manager's mobile phone, enable a fast response. The web function provides world-wide internet access to recorded video and alarms as well as displaying local events in near-live format. Improved search algorithms save even more time. – Search a 5 Terabyte video database by criteria such as date or barcode, and you now have your result in only one to two seconds!

And, using 'Motion Search' you can make a lightning fast search for movement in freely selected picture segments. 'Who damaged that parked car?' can be answered quickly and definitively. To give just one example. Control panels with joystick and softkeys are fully supported and are easy to set up. For example, keys can be freely defined to move a pan/tilt camera into position or zoom in on an object – quickly and without any previous knowledge. They can ensure secure and easy operation of the CCTV system even with frequent staff changes. And operating without mouse or keyboard prevents system manipulation.

Video security that pays off.

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