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Geutebrück is an established international solution provider for intelligent video security solutions. The company's high-performance "Made in Germany" software and corresponding hardware are designed to insure the protection of people, objects, premises, and intellectual property, in compliance with EU-GDPR. In addition, Geutebrück solutions provide more transparency throughhout the entire supply chain, documenting by video image transport or production processes or the observance of working standards as well as quality or hygiene standards.

The software can detect objects of all kinds, irrespective of weather or lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors, even if they are in motion. Automated alarm action sequences ensure in a few seconds that predefined procedures, which are precisley tailored to the situation, are triggered simultaneously, e.g. activate extra cameras, refuse access, provide emergency staff or technical teams with location plan + image + instructions, block entrances + exits + windows, activate anti-heft measures (e.g. activate nebulization), stop assembly lines and much more.

At Geutebrück, we focus on pioneering technology using artificial intelligence. Both hardware and software are customized for applications e.g. in industry facilities, critical infrastructure, banks, ministries, authorities, museums, research and educational institutions, clinics, municipalities, or public transport. Geutebrück is robust, failure-proof, backwards-compatible solution, capable of using biometric data if requested by the customer and complies with the privacy an personal rights of all parties involved.

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