09/07/2005 • Laboratory installation / Services

Modular Sample Storage System

Following reliable performance of their system over three years, Wyeth Research have approved the purchase of a further three comPound modules from TTP LabTech. This increases Wyeth's storage capacity to 800,000 samples in eight comPound modules, all of which will be integrated with TTP LabTech's fully automated store-to-plate processing system, comPiler. As connected stores can be accessed in parallel, adding new stores actually increases the speed of the system, bringing its processing capability to over 12,000 tubes in an 8-hour day. comPound – a self-contained store with true cherry-picking capability – can store up to 100,000 microtubes in each module in a dry and inert environment at -20°C. Modules can be linked together to provide almost unlimited library capacity. comPound modules can be linked to comPiler to increase automation and throughput. comPiler assembles racks of cherry-picked microtubes, thaws, centrifuges and decaps the microtubes, then flushes them with inert gas to protect the contents before presenting them for sample preparation. After processing, tubes are regassed, recapped and returned to the comPound stores.
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