09/24/2004 • Automation • Industrial PCs

TERMEX und TERM – incomparably versatile!

TERMEX is a family of product solutions specially designed and approved for use in hazardous areas in accordance with categories II 2G (Zones 1+2) and II 3D (Zone 22). TERM is an inexpensive alternative for use in the "non-hazardous area".

The two product families are based on a standard hardware platform and certified for all applications in which EN 45501 calibration is mandatory.
TERMEX Pro is a highly acclaimed programming tool for parameterization and project design. EPCA is a software add-on module that facilitates the implementation of standalone applications or a data concentrator connected upstream of the PLC.

The TERMEX and TERM product families offer remarkable diversity. Text or graphic panels with or without a cursor pad, for installation in a panel or in a stainless steel case and with or without digital inputs and outputs interact with pluggable peripheral devices such as barcode reading systems, weighing hoppers, platform scales, expansion keyboards etc. to provide independent system solutions that connect to all popular PLC systems (such as Siemens or Allen Bradley) – regardless of whether they are located in the hazardous area or the safe area.
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