06/02/2004 • Process automation / MSR technology • Systems and Components

The best is the enemy of the good

With its new ServoFit PA Advanced Line STÖBER ANTRIEBSTECHNIK, the largest manufacturer of helical planetary gear units in the world, has set new top standards for low-backlash helical planetary gear units.

Series servo drives that are equipped with ServoFit PA can now be used for extremely demanding requirements. These are typically: high-precision synchronism and repeatability accuracy, high accelerating torques and uninterrupted continuous service with unsurpassed running smoothness, all of these central concerns in automation, handling and robotics.

With, inter alia, its highly stiff gear housing, its play-free bilateral planet carrier bearing assembly and unsurpassed precision synchronism thanks to a honed ring gear the ServoFit PA planetary gear unit meets all of these industry requirements. With the FlexiAdapt clamping coupling with integral thermal expansion compensation the ultra-compact planetary gear unit can be mounted to a motor in less than a minute and offers users optimised performance with an efficiency of 95 to 97 %.

The ServoFit PA unit is available in five sizes with accelerating torques from 65 to 1,600 Nm and a circumferential backlash of less than 1 arc minute.

Naturally, the ServoFit PA unit is fitted with VITON oil seals and comes with guaranteed lifetime lubrication with a high-quality synthetic oil, so there is no need for the usual servicing measures.

ServoFit PA is the successful synthesis of precision, performance and economy for a high-performance servo system.
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