psb ringsorter: economic sorting system for flat goods

With the psb ringsorter's medium throughput sorting capability, the sorting philosophy is now possible where before relatively high investment costs restricted this opportunity. The ringsorter performance, as well as the investment, is positioned below that of conventional high performance sorters.
The product development activities of psb has resulted in the ringsorter. This revolutionary innovation with various possibilities can provide significant potential savings. With its simple mechanical structure the system is absolutely reliable and provides high functional availability with surprising smooth running. Driven rotating spoke belts sort a great variety of products e. g. small parcels, cartons, letters, packed or loose magazines etc. in a safe and secure manner.
An impressive feature of the system is the possibility of modular configurations allowing easy extension's when and if required. With differing ranges of product types several methods of receiving the goods are available. Thus, the requirements concerning the unloading quality of the goods to be sorted can be fulfilled without any problem.
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