10/21/2004 • Hygiene

Trevira Bioactive: now even finer microfilament

Using special technology it is now possible to spin even finer single titres for antimicrobial yarns than before. Trevira has therefore been able to employ these finer titres to expand its range of Trevira Bioactive filament yarns and is offering microyarns with up to 0.6 dpf single titre to, for instance, 76 f 128.

This makes Trevira the only manufacturer to cover the complete range of antimicrobial fibres and filaments – from staple fibre to flat or textured filament yarn, from large titres through to microfilaments, for all end uses, from apparel to flame retardant home textiles.

In contrast to organic agents that have a brief life span and stability, often causing skin irritation, the agent in Trevira Bioactive has a silver basis, harmless in its effects on health and which retains its effectiveness for a long time. This applies even with frequent washing. It is non-toxic, works against pathogens and has no undesirable side effects. Silver is a natural inorganic agent and its antimicrobial effect has been known for over 2000 years. Its use continues, particularly in medicine.

Now the new yarns make even more applications possible, especially in areas where the finest yarns are required.

Christian Eschler AG (Switzerland) has already switched its shirt fabrics from its Husky Fleece qualities from to the new Trevira Bioactive yarns. Antimicrobial yarns are also being used in the coverings of pads in cycle shorts. "Alongside the hygienic benefits, it is principally the excellent durability, the hard wear qualities, the pleasant feeling when worn and the easy care qualities that go to make Trevira Bioactive the ideal material for our Swisspad concept," says Peter Eschler, head of the Swiss specialist for hi-tech knitted materials.

Eschler Textil GmbH (Balingen/Germany) is using the new yarns in developments for the laminated sector.

Taubert Textil (Germany) is introducing at Première Vision some lingerie articles in Trevira Bioactive microyarns, and TVB (Germany) is using them in new developments for bras.

At Stabio Textil (Switzerland) developments are under way for ROTECNO in the medici-nal textiles field (from hospital ward wear to interior surgical materials).

Georg + Otto Friedrich (Germany) are using the new Trevira Bioactive yarns in current devlopments for the shoe industry.
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