06/30/2020 • Analytics • Microscopy / Imaging

PerkinElmer: Nexion 5000

PerkinElmer: Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS

The Nexion 5000 is the first system to boast four quadrupoles. It takes ICP-MS performance beyond traditional triple-quad technology and current high resolution ICP-MS to deliver exceptionally low background equivalent concentrations (BECs).

Unlike triple-quad systems, the system delivers four stages of mass separation. The ion beam is shaped and directed within Q0 (Quadrupole Ion Deflector) and filtered in Q1 (first Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole). The reaction is controlled in Q2 (Quadrupole Universal Cell), and the resulting ions are separated in Q3 (second Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole). This combination allows the system to deliver less than 1 ng/L BECs in hot plasma even for elements such as calcium and potassium.

The Triple Cone Interface coupled to Omniring technology (patent pending) allows operation in extraction or focusing modes for outstanding sensitivity and detection limits.

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