11/21/2005 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Extended Use of Particle Size Analyzers

Malvern Mastersizer particle size analyzers have been used at the headquarters of pharmaceutical company Hexal AG for many years. Now their use has been extended with installations at other facilities within the Hexal group. The systems are being employed in a variety of different applications, but a key factor in selecting the Mastersizer 2000 was Hexal's need for comparable results between different facilities, as well as the requirement to be able to exchange methods easily. The Mastersizer 2000 is a laser diffraction-based particle size analyzer which measures particle size over an extremely broad range from 0.02–2000 microns. Its software-driven Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are designed to simplify method development, allow global method transfer and ensure that minimal operator intervention is required during measurements. A SOP-assistant supports the user during the set up of an optimum measurement method, and SOPs can be transferred from instrument to instrument by email.
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