11/01/2005 • Fire prevention

A technical breakthrough in matters of fire detection

WAGNER GmbH is once again coming up with a technical breakthrough in matters of fire detection. The air sampling smoke detection system TITANUS MICRO•SENS®, as the new member in the TITANUS® family, is an invention which any company would be proud of: An international innovation. After detecting smoke and triggering the alarm, the system continues to operate and localises in which area a fire has broken out. What could so far only be ascribed to point type detectors can now be performed by the TITANUS MICRO•SENS®, apart from the advantages of this technology. All the while high sensitivity in smoke detection and false alarm safety goes without saying.

The TITANUS MICRO•SENS® adopts numerous applications of air sampling smoke detection systems and, among others, is particularly suited for offices, hotel rooms, train traction units and railway carriages, wind power stations, EDP and server rooms all the way to detention cells. Furthermore, the system is excellently suited for any type of equipment monitoring. The price of TITANUS MICRO•SENS® is most favourable and offers reliable protection.
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