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Cordaware bestinformed Alarm Edition

Desktop alarm system

Cordaware specializes in modern information and notification systems for companywide real-time emergency management. Our main product, the Cordaware bestinformed system, is a powerful computer desktop alert system. In case of emergency, our system enables any organisation to spread emergency information to all employees individual within seconds using the Cordaware alert ticker. In a real case of emergency or danger, not only every minute is important, but every second can save lives. The faster, all concerned persons can be reached and informed, the smaller the damage will be.

Simultaneuos Instant notification on each Desktop
The alert concept of Cordaware bestinformed is simple and effective. Emergency messages and warnings are displayed directly and without time delay on the screen of the addressed persons. Here either computers, or users are addressed. During the addressing of users the message always appears on the screen, on which the userer is logged on actually. In case of extensive emergency, or danger, the messages are distributed simply with one click, to all users, or certain groups.

Sending prepared emergency scenarios with one click.
Depending on our customers needs, bestinformed offers various possibilities for notification. The fastet way is to prepare emergency templates. The preparation of these templates is very easy and in case of emergency, you just have to select the adapted scenario and post in with on click. It is also possible to automise the messages. In this case, they will be posted by the systems at an assigned time,or in intervals.

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