09/22/2005 • Access control and clocking • Building Security

SNG High-Security Portal & ASDAS "One-Person-Only" Detection System

ASDAS "one-person-only" detection system guarantees that each person allowed through is fully screened and has the authorization to go from a free area to a secured one. New rapidly spreading technologies such as biometrics improve security but generally imperil existing throughput. Automated processing instead of manual do provide new facilities to users.

Security is ensured by robust physical obstacles, reinforced by ASDAS (Automatic Systems Detection and Analysis Solution). Detection of uniqueness is used to determine that there is only one person at a time in the portal. The ASDAS technology is not sensitive to variables such as temperature, light, type of flooring, etc. It can detect whether the person is accompanied by a small child or if the user is pulling/pushing a trolley. Kiosks cutting edge technologies, such as fingerprint, iris recognition, AT boarding, etc. can be easily integrated into the SNG portal. The portal is also safe. Users will not be injured while going through. Amongst other protective measures, we can list a few:
  • doors and side walls have no sharp edges that could harm the travellers
  • closing doors are equipped with silicon rubber
  • emergency call button inside the portal
Its contemporary design allows easy integration in all architectural environments, especially in airports and office buildings. It offers easy access to travellers with luggage. Its architecture enables an optimal throughput for a reduced footprint. The extensive use of glass surfaces eliminates the feeling of confinement and permits surveillance from the outside. The modularity permits installation of standard or wide passages, either single or in line, uni-or bi-directional, plus the addition of a third automatic door. All materials have been chosen for their resistance and endurance. Qualities experienced by Automatic Systems during almost 20 years in Public Transport networks.
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