08/15/2005 • Industrial PCs • IT and automation • Process automation / MSR technology

Open HMI: Operator interfaces with open operating system

At the Hanover trade fair 2005, R. STAHL HMI Systems is launching the Open HMI series, a powerful panel PC series with standard hardware interfaces and an open operating system. These user-friendly panel PCs support the standardization of systems, because users can load and run the visualization software of major suppliers as required. In terms of hardware, they are based on the Eagle series Operator Interfaces. The Open-HMI series does, however, have a larger memory and more powerful processors, so that operating systems such as Windows XP embedded and associated applications can be adequately supported. These universal operator interfaces are approved for installation in hazardous areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 and for ambient temperatures of up to 50°. Initially, they will be available in distinct performance classes and with different features, namely: ET-406 (10" touchscreen display and keyboard), ET-416 (only 10" touchscreen display and function keys) and ET-436 (15" touchscreen display). All models are based on Celeron/Pentium M processors with a clock frequency of up to 1.1 GHz.
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