Equator™ GX8

Deerac Fluidics Equator™ GX8 is a high speed eight channel pipetting system designed to dispense in the volume range of 0.05µL to 50µL. The bench-top instrument is compatible with 96, 384 and 1536 well plate formats and also for dispensing onto flat substrates to create arrays. The instrument is suitable for medium to high throughput preparation for a wide range of liquid handling applications including PCR and Sequencing preparation, serial dilution, protein dispensing, cell and bead dispensing, rapid reagent addition, etc.
The Equator™ platform incorporates Deerac Fluidics proprietary spot-on™ technology. The unique mechanism of spot-on™ enables a very simple fluidics pathway which improves the robustness and reliability of performance. The Equator provides low dead volume and minimizes reagent consumption. Dispensing is performed in a non contact mode, without system liquids or air gaps.
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