07/26/2005 • Metrology

Pressure transmitter gives exceptional reliability

HBM has launched its monolithic P2V pressure transmitter to benefit users needing high reliability combined with exceptional accuracy.

The one-piece steel measuring body of the PV2 is similar to HBM’s proven Blueline series. The design eliminates weak spots - even when subject to strong dynamic loads – by renouncing on welded seams and clamped connections connecting to the measurement medium.

The PV2 pressure transmitter has a long service compared with similar transmitters that frequently need replacing.

A high-quality, low-noise amplifier has been integrated into the PV2 despite the transducer’s compact dimensions. TEDS transducer identification is included as standard meaning that the most important technical data is electronically stored in the transducer.

The transducer is intended for a wide range of applications including many hydraulic applications and gas measurements. The P2V can be also used for precise process analysis and for fast control loops since short-time pressure peaks are reliably mapped.

The PV2 includes higher measuring ranges (5000bar, 10000bar, 15000bar) for high-pressure applications such as internal high pressure forming and water jet cutting. During water jet cutting, for example, the PV2 ensures optimum work piece quality with potential feed and wear adjusted on the machine.
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