07/26/2005 • IT and automation • Process automation / MSR technology • Sensor Technology

Level control for bulk goods in hazardous areas, gas and dust

UWT GmbH, a leading company in the market for level control of bulk goods, introduces interesting innovations and completions of their well known product ranges Vibranivo and Rotonivo.

Both poduct ranges offer full, empty and demand-detection, either according to the vibration principle (Vibranivo with piezo-chrystals) or to the rotation functional principle (Rotonivo with a rotating paddle).

The products of UWT GmbH are well known for their extreme robustness and the fact that they are maintenance-free. By offering a large range of models the needs of nearly every client can be satisfied.

Long before the introduction of the severer guidelines for dust explosive areas in Juli 2003 UWT was already able to deliver all products with ATEX certification. Now all the Vibranivo and Rotonivo models can be ordered with certificates for dust and gas explosive areas after the development of flame-proof housings. To be able to offer all products according to the European certification “EEX d e IIC T6” means to look back on a lot of research and development work.

As UWT has a constantly growing part of the business volume in export and close cooperations with partners from more than 40 nations it is necessary for the completion of the different model ranges to be ready for worldwide use. That is why all products of the Vibranivo and Rotonivo ranges are not only ATEX certified but have also passed the certification process for FM (Northamerica) and CSA (Canada).
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